W H A T  I S  L A N A R I  S K I N C A R E?

LANARI Skincare is a San Francisco-based company founded in 2009 by a trifecta of fearless women. We trademarked the ARI Complexion Lift skincare system, which is a proprietary blend of cosmeceutical grade (i.e. medical-grade) dermatologic ingredients that we naturally sourced from all across the world, just for you. Our skincare solution is based on years of our own scientific and academic research that we used to diagnose and treat diverse skin tones. We developed LANARI to fill a void in the market for time-tested, medically-proven ingredients that work on all skin types. It is designed to harmonize with the fundamentals of skin physiology and its natural biomechanics ("aging").

W H Y  L A N A R I?

It is a medical fact that skin physiology differs across ethnicities. While the most prominent skincare companies continue to offer products "for all skin types," in reality, they are based on partial research and testing is conducted on limited skin tones. There are no physician-developed skincare products that have utilized research on ethnic skin - including those of Latino, South Asian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or of mixed heritage... until now. Our founders at LANARI are board-certified physicians who came together after a realization that to create a truly potent skincare solution, it has to be based on scientific knowledge of varied ingredients that are effective across a broad spectrum of skin types.

M E E T  O U R  F O U N D E R S

Our shared desire for effective skincare led us to create LANARI in San Francisco.


Dr. Lily Talakoub and Dr. Naissan Wesley are both US board-certified, UCSF educated physicians and practicing dermatologists. Their speciality is in treating skin of diverse, ethnic origins; they have dedicated their entire academic and professional careers to the study of skin diversity. Gauri Khokha is a multi-degreed engineer who has a roster of notable business experience in Silicon Valley, most recently at Apple and Yahoo! The result is a formidable team of LANARI co-founders - all women with an indisputable commitment to integrity, deep respect for diversity, and a reverence for sophisticated aesthetics.

Dr. Lily Talakoub

Dr. Naissan Wesley

Gauri Khokha